Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Pitbulls In A Pod

So today we took a trip to visit Motley's bestfriend Mocachino. It had been a couple days since they had seen each other but from the second we walked in they were inseperable. e let them play utside for awhile and it seems they never get tired of picking on each other.
Moca normally wins when there playing around but this time Motley pinned Moca. After a bunch of playing around we went in and had dinner while the pups decided it was time to rest. There always willing to take a couple naps throughout a long day.

After a quick pup nap and a lil bit of food they were ready to play again. Here's a quick video of them wrestling on the bed with each other. Moc watch out, Motley's throwing punches!


Thanks for checking out Motley's trip to see Moca. I hoped you enjoyed the pics and they both, Motley and Moca, thank you for cecking them out!


  1. That's terrific that Motley has such a good furiend like Moca :) Looks like they had a grrrrreat play date :)

    Keep on waggin,

  2. they cant get enough of each other:) tell your friends about Motley:)

  3. are they the same age? Moca and Motley

  4. What great-looking dogs, and it's so good that they're energy compatible. Is Moca wearing a coat?

  5. haha yea she was wearin a t-shirt...she didnt like it at all when they started playig

  6. moca looks like a Mountain Cur mix. You should google search images of Mountain Cur dogs and see!

  7. thanks i will def check it out...moca is my best friends dog...moca n motley act like bro n sis ha