Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pair of Pits OR Pair of Fish?

Hello doggy world!!! Hope everyone is doing great!! Sorry we've been away so much lately. Computer failure has been slowing us down but Motley said we have to post!!! He also wanted me to let all his pit bull friends know he now has a twitter account and would love to hear from everyone there as well as this blog. You will be able to find Motley at @MotleysJourney where we will update a little bit more often about day to day pit bull activities.

But moving on to more interesting pit bull news, Motley had a hot date with Moca-Chino at the beach today!!! It was actually the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia Beach but a hot pit bull date none the less. Ha

They were so excited to see each other since it had been a week or two of separation because of Moca getting fixed. They were real anxious to rekindle there bond!! HaHa

After a nice little stroll through the woods side by side we finally made it to the beach where they could unleash all that pent up pit bull energy. If you're a pit bull owner you know exactly what I'm talking about and you have to enjoy getting it out of them!

As usual, Motley was real hesitant about getting in the water at first but once Moca was in he had no choice but to follow. What fun is it sitting on the beach when your girlfriend is out having a blast in the water??

After a ton of pit bull swimming and more hiking, we finally made it back to the car to head back home. I can honestly tell you, our pit bulls had no interest in leaving. They moaned and groaned the entire car ride back. Poor Pups!!!

Athough they had a blast, like I said before its always nice to come home with a tired pit bull. We got back to the house and all Motley and Moca wanted to do was snuggle up and sleep. What a GREAT pit bull fun day!!

We'd love to hear about yalls great pit bull and doggy adventures!! Comment us and let us know what fun yall are having now that the weather is warming up. Can't wait to hear your interesting stories!!