Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pit Bull Exercise

HEY GUY'S!!!! Hope everyone is doing quite nice now that the weather is finally starting to warm up!! Luckily for my pit bull Motley, I had the day off so we got the opportunity to bask out in the sun and play some games. Can you tell Motley was ready to play? Ha

Once we got outside, Motley went straight for the tennis ball. I guess that mean't fetch was his game of choice for the time being. It was fine with me though, I got to sit around while he emptied his pit bull gas take.

After awhile though, Motley lost most of his interest in the tennis ball. He's never really been a real good fetcher anyway(just saying).

I would consider Motley more of a pitbull soccer dog if you ask me. Rather than fetch or use his mouth to pick up th ball hed rather kick it. Check out this quick little video!!

After about and hour and a half Motley was finally ready to head back in and quinch his thirst and hunger. How could you ever be mad at a face like that? What a worn out pup!

Just like every human I know, what do you think he did after he had his lunch and a hardy play date? Yep, you are correct!!! IT'S NAP TIME!!! He laid down and it wasn't too much longer before he was on the couch snoring. Motley even managed to sneak his way into a blacket.

I hope all of our pit bull, dog, cat, and other animal friends have all been able to enjoy the beautiful weather!!! We'd love to hear how everyones been doing since we havent been able to update recently so drop us a few comments. Motley always enjoys meeting new friends!!