Monday, September 6, 2010

The First Year

       The first year of Motley's life brought a lot of  great and unexpected situations into my family's household. To be honest, he did great and caught on quick with all of his training. Check This Out for more advice and tips on training your dog! Its a great resource. He learned sit, shake, lay down, and roll over all in the matter of days. Motleys intelligence really amazed me at the beginning. I also, in the beginning stages, was introducing Motley to anyone, anything, and everyone to better socialize him. The luckiest part was Motley got introduced to his best friend, Mocachino, and whenever they get together their inseperable.

They could spend days and days together and never get tired of each others company.

It's so funny after awhile, especially if you've had your dog from a puppy, to notice the cycles they go through during the day. They'll sleep forever, eat, get crazy for thirty minutes or so, and then pass back out again. Motley sleeps so much, but the quality of having a lap dog is something i really wanted in my pet.

As a puppy, Motley was intrested in anything and everything. This brought a little trouble to me because when he started teething he got into everything possible.

No matter what, when i got home he would have a hat or a shoe in his little toy box because he missed me. Check This Out for advice and tips on training your pet.
Then he gives you this look like, " How could you ever think I would do something bad like that?", and when that happens you could never stay mad.

Motley's list of experiences in his first year of life are endless. He got to witness our first decent amount of snow in Virginia Beach in awhile and couldn't get enough of it. He's taken hiking and camping trips along the Appalachian Trail, fun days at the beach, and trips all over town to see family and friends. He loves sitting shotgun in the car with his head out the window letting his ears and lips flop in the wind. I can honestly say, in the past year, Motley really has become the perfect dog for me!


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