Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Pitbull's New Year's Resolution

How is everyone doing? My pitbull Motley and I are doing great now that the snow has melted down so we can get back to work and visiting friends/dog pals. Hope all of yall had a great Christmas!
As the new year approaches, what is the first thing people start bringing up? A lot of the time its how they can improve on their accomplishments from the previous year or as everyone says, a New Year's resolution. Motley and I got to thinking about this topic and we both had a few ideas for our own New Year's resolution for upcoming 2011. Some of my ptibull's suggestions included not ripping up his dad's pillows, taking shoes or hats, and improving his walks with dad. Some of my(dad) resolutions were to increase Motley's walk lengths and take him on more outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, and fishing. What about all of you? Are yall going to make resolutions to improve the relationship of you and your pitbull or any other pet you might have? I thoroughly encourage it because it will better both of yall's relationships. I hope I could spark a little interest in discussion haha. The New Year is coming soon! Motley I hope everyone makes it their BEST year yet!!

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