Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Pit Bull's a G

Hey guys!! I hope everyone is doing great now that we have one month of 2011 down and moved passed us! Motley has been mad at me because my computer has been messed up so he hasn't really had a voice lately. Hopefully the computer situation if fixed shortly and we will be back on a regular basis about our journeys because there have been a few to start off the new year!! I will post pics of some of our hikes and Motleys first time swimming!!(willingly that is) He's always hated the water so that was a huge pit bull achievement for him. Those pictures will come in the future but for now, here is a few pics of my pit bull and me messing around for the camera to pass the time.

Doesn't he look so enthusiastic for the camera??  HaHa
Hope yall enjoyed the pics and please leave comments!! What should Motley get dressed up like next?? HaHa

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Why A Pitbull??

When you decided that you were capable enough and responsible enough to own a dog, how did you come to the conclusion that a pitbull was the dog for you?

I can honestly say, and I hope Motley doesn't hear or get mad at me, but a Pitbull wasn't the dog I truley wanted when I first decided to get a dog companion. Originally I had my eyes set on an all white English Bulldog. That was my dream dog growing up because they looked like couch potatos and I always wanted a dog that would follow me around a flop down when I did. Great reason huh? Haha That dream lasted 2 mintues until I saw the price tag on English Bulldogs. Other dogs I considered were Boxers and Boston Terriers because I wanted a fit dog, and I just loved the smushed in faces they all had. Those were the dogs I had really looked into until my best friend came home with his puppy.

Her name was Moca-chino, Moca for short, a little brindle 6 week old female Pitbull.

 After seeing her I fell in love. We played, I got to help in training her, and just became really enlightened on the pitbull breed. Although a young pup, she acted nothing like what you hear about in the papers and on the news about how vicious they are. It was a nice pup that liked to cuddle and play fetch whenever she could get the chance. After that I knew that a Pitbull was the dog for me because of how active I am, and how easily trainable Pitbulls really are.

Once I decided a Pitbull was the dog for me, the search was on for the perfect companion. I went to multiple shelters looking for them because I knew many Pitbulls get sent to shelters unfortunately, and it would be better for the dog. After thinking about it though, and I'm sad to say  it, I did end up going to a breeder. I made that decision because of how much fun it was training and helping teach Moca, and how much I really wanted to go through all of that with my own.

Eventually, this black and white little Pitbull, was what came home with me.

Actually, my best friend and Moca took the journey with me to pick him up.
Now they are like this!! HA

Best freinds HAHA.
I can honestly say a Pitbull was the dog for me and I enjoy every minute Motleys around.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pitbull Blues

HAHA This was funny to watch but a great messege!!!
Check it out and let me know what you think ha!