Friday, February 11, 2011

Link To Motley's Journey

Hey guys!!! How has everyone been doing? All is well here with me and my pit bull Motley.

Motley and I have been thinking a lot lately on how we can reach more and more people about the postive characterisitics Pit Bulls bring to the table. Hopefully this blog itself has been able to present a great platform on that subjuect but the journey to reach more people is never ending.

This is where I need all you Pit Bull lovers, dog lovers, and animal lovers help. If you support the messege Motley and I are trying to portray please, PLEASE link to us at Motley's Journey on your site. I have gone on and actually made a link that is rather small that you can copy and paste to your site if you'd like.

Motley and I just thought it would be a great way to suppress the negative press pit bulls always recieve and replace it with another good outlet that will give pit bulls a good name. The more people we can reach with your help and support the better we can make this world for out pitbull pups.

A Nice quote I once read stated:
Dogs are Man's BESTFRIEND, why should we treat pit bulls any different?

Motley and I wish all of you a great weekend and please support this great cause!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pitbull Check-up

So today unfortunately was a bad day for my pit bull Motley. It was time for his shots!! To get the tensions down a bit, we got Moca and Andy to join us because it was also time for Moca to receive her shots. Because of this Motley hasn't really been talking to me today, I can understand though. It was a rough day. Here's a picture of Motley on the way to vet.

In other news , Motley is in tip top shape, extremely healthy, and got many compliments from the vet and the other animal lovers that were there. He loved the attention!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pit Bull's Lead The Way

Hey everyone!! I hope everyone and their pups are doing great!! Motley has been rushing me to post pics of one of our adventures so I told him today was the day.

It had been a good while since my pit bull and I had gotten the chance to take a nice hike because of the weather, so we had found a warm day and got our friends Moca and Andy to join us at First Landing State Park. To get your imagination going, the 6 mile hike travels through nice forested areas and along side the Chesapeake Bay at times. It's a great place to take the dogs to walk or run and even toss the ball in the water to get a refreshing swim. It is also a great place for the dogs to interact with other dogs and people that also travel along the trails. Just in case your in the area and would like to check it out!

Motley and Moca led the way on the start of our journey as always. Haha They always think they are in charge and know their way around anything. I guess that's a pit bull for ya. Ha

For awhile Andy and I just tossed sticks for them to fetch and bring back to us as we continued our way through the forest. It definitely passed the time a bit.

Moca and Motley enjoyed it a lot too, in between chasing squirrels and other little animals. Here's a picture of my pit bull Motley rushing back to the trail after chasing a squirrel up into the trees. I guess he wasn't quick enough.

Once you travel about 3 or 4 miles into the trail you start hearing the sounds of water rushing ashore from the Chesapeake Bay. We hopped of the trail for a little bit and had the dogs walk across a fallen tree like a bridge, then we followed and discovered a shortcut to the water. It was like we had our own personal little beach. Us and the pit bulls. It was a nice little discovery so the dogs could play in the water without disturbing anyone. This is also when Motley ASTONISHED me!

Little background again, Motley has always hated the water. He has had some bad experiences with me trying to get him to swim and him thoroughly hating it. This time was different though. We threw a stick in for Moca to get because she loves the water a low and behold, Motley followed her right in. He even got the stick before her a couple times which NEVER happens. I was a proud Dad!! It was one of those "Awe, My little boy is growing up" kind of moments.

Andy and Moca and Motley and I had an awesome time and were totally pooped when we got home from the hike. Both Motley and Moca had actually fallen asleep on the car ride home because they were so tired. It was a fun 2 to 3 hour little hike if anyone is in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and wants to check it out. I would suggest it to anyone and Motley gives is 4 PAWS UP!!!

Hope yall enjoy the pictures!!! Thanks for checking out Motley's blog and we hope to hear and see from you all again!! Motley loves meeting new friends so follow us and stayed tuned for more adventures!!